Friday, May 27, 2011

Phonesex Teen Seduces Best Friends Daddy

 Dear Diary,
I have a very naughty confession I need to let out...

Today I decided to go to you in one of my most revealing little outfits. I knew that your daughter was away at college and your wife was at work so it would be the perfect time for us to be together and have some no limit's phone sex fun. You have heard the rumors going around of how much of a naughty girl I am with all the men and now all you could think about was having me to yourself. I have been seducing, teasing and being very flirty with you for a while now. And the temptation for you to give into your desires have been very strong. You try to think about how wrong it would be to give in because you are a married man and that I’m best friends with your daughter. I know how much you love that I’m about to graduate and I also can’t seem to stay away from you. And I also know how hard your cock gets when you call me for young voice phone sex. But it is wrong and  we should not be secretly getting together behind your wife's back. But I just can’t get enough of how sexy you are and the way that you look at me when I wear my sexy revealing outfits in front of you. Sometimes I will giggle as I am sitting across from you and spread my sexy little legs and give you a glimpse of my pretty little cotton panties. I smile as I can see the bulge in your pants get bigger and harder. I make it impossible for you to say no to me by my suggestive remarks and body language. You look at me as my little hands are running across my perky firm tits and my other hand is sliding between my little legs and say “Nikki you know you are my daughters best friend. You have been coming over to have sleep overs with her for years now. And you know you are a very naughty girl dressing so slutty. One day the wrong man may just show you what happens to girls like you.” I get up and walk over to the couch and sit down right next to him and say “Oh really? Well I do like aggressive men who know what they want. Do you want to be that man and show me? And aren’t you thinking about all of the things we could be doing right now?”
I took my finger and started to run it across my soft kissable glossy lips just teasing it and slowly licking on it and said “Look at the way you are looking at me right now. I bet all you can think about is how much you want to slide your big fat cock in my warm wet mouth. Or maybe you are thinking about how much you want to just rip off my pretty little undies and slide your thick dick inside.” He gets up and pulls me off the couch and I lightly brush my little body into his. He looks deep into my eyes and we both moan out. He looks at me and says “If anyone ever finds out about this we could both be in a lot of trouble.” I smiled and said “They are not important right now. The only person I’m thinking about is you.” I brushed my lips across his and his hands started to run across my body. I could tell that I was driving him closer to the edge because the next moment he had my pretty little panties pulled down and my soft little hand wrapped around his big fat cock. And then he had my little top off with my perky nipples exposed. I started to run my fingers up and down my clitty and smiled. He said “Dammit Nikki you are such a naughty teen cock tease. it's just too hard to resist you know we should not be doing this. I stroked his cock nice and slow. He started to moan out very heavily. I could tell that he really liked it. I rubbed my hand up and down. He couldn’t take my teasing him anymore. He put his finger tips on my pussy and started to toy around with the outer edges of my bald lips. He looked into my eyes with both of us breathing heavily and said “Nikki you are sooooo wet right now.” I moved my fingers and could feel him start to slide his in and out. Pushing and pulling as my sweet juices started to coat his fingers. He said “Fuck baby your little cunt is so tight I have to force my fingers in there. He said “Slide down and take my pants off baby and see how big and hard this dick is for you right now.” I pushed my petite little body into his and brushed my tits against his chest and undid his pants and slid them down for him.  He had so much pre cum dripping out of the tip of his cock head.

He laid me back on the couch and climbed up between me and had his raging hard cock right at my mouth. I looked up and said “Can I pleeeeeease suck it for you?” He said “Oh yes baby girl but just a few sucks because I need that pussy wrapped around my big fat stick. I started to lick and kiss up and down his shaft as I looked up at him and opened up my mouth and slid it around his swollen mushroom head. I started to take it in my mouth and slid my lips up and down his shaft. It barely fit because it was so huge but it felt soooooo fucking good. He was fingering my pussy as I looked up slurping and sucking deeper and faster. I smiled and said “I’m your naughty girl who can’t get enough of being your slut.” He slid his cock out of me and went straight for my sweet teen pussy. I held my little legs wide open and exposed my bald pussy to him. Before I knew it he had his cock head pushing it against my pink hole and ass. I looked up and said “Please fuck me. I want you so bad!” I know you are my best friends daddy and you are married but I don’t care.” He started to kiss me as his cock stretched me open more and more with every stroke. The tightness of my walls grabbed and squeezed around his shaft. He looked down and said “I can’t believe I’m fucking you baby. Your little wet pussy feels so good I’m not going to be able to hold back for long.” I started to grind into him and said “Take this pussy and fill it up with that big juicy cock.” He started to fuck me deeper and faster and could not control himself. With every stroke to my wetness I would grab his dick a little tighter. He grabbed my little ass and pounded me and said “Fuck baby you are so hot I have to fill that little pussy up right now!” His chest was pushed up against my tits and my little legs and arms were wrapped around him. I moaned out and said “Please can I have your cum deep inside of me!” I kept saying it over and over as my moans and calls out to his name pushed him to the edge. And he exploded all of that warm cum deep inside of me. It felt soooooo good

I just love to secretly give myself to my best friends daddy.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Favorite Tutor Popped My Lil cherry

Dear Diary,

My math tutor showed up at my house this morning. But why did he show up on a Saturday? I mean I know school is almost over and all and I am struggling to keep my grades up and all. But isn’t tutoring suppose to happen like after school or through the week? Okay so maybe I secretly wanted him to show up cause I have been super flirty with him in his class room. I mean why shouldn’t I be? He’s super handsome, older, and totally taken! *giggles* the only thing is, well I don’t know if he thinks I’m a good girl or a really naughty girl.
When he showed up he was just looking so sexy. He looked at me and said “Surprise Nikki! I thought I would come by and give you some extra help today. And well I have this fantasy i'd like you to play out with me.” I smiled back and said “Okay but I was supposed to hang out with my bff today and then later maybe hang out with my boyfriend.” He said “Yeah I talked to your mom and dad and they arranged it so I could come by today. And besides I can understand a girl like you hanging out with your bff but aren’t you suppose to be focusing all your time on your studies?" I smiled as I twirled my pretty blond hair around my finger and said “Well yeah but I know a lot of things that i would much rather be doing right now.” I giggled and invited him in.
He looked up and down my little body and said “Nikki! You are barely dressed! I said “yeah I know that but I didn’t know you were going to be here and it is really hot today.” He loosened the top button of his shirt and said under his breath “Boy it’s going to get a lot hotter in here too.” I looked up at him and said “Excuse me what did you say?”  He said “Oh nothing nothing it is really hot Nikki.” As we stood there talking all I could think about is “My math teacher has no idea that I have a thing for him. And boy he has no clue of how older men are always so nice to me.) So I let it slip out and he said “Nikki men are not really nice to you. I mean if they are it’s only cause they want something more. It would be hard for them not too you know? I mean you are a sexy little teen with a ripe little body. Not to mention that you look younger than 18. And I have heard about how you go around teasing all the boys in school. But I also heard that as much as you tease well….” I looked at him and said “Well what?” He said “Well rumor has it that you are still a virgin.” I looked at him and said “Mr Jonson! We are suppose to be studying right?” But by now I guess seeing me dressed like in nothing but a tiny mini skirt that’s so tiny that he can almost see my pretty little panties and half top that tutoring was the last thing on his mind.
 He said “Nikki I want to ask you something. Do your parents know you dress like a little slut?” I looked and said “what do you mean a slut? I don’t see anything wrong with the way that I dress.” He said “I have a daughter the same age as you and if I had any clue she went around flaunting her little body like you do she would be in big trouble. You know you are just asking for trouble don’t you Nikki.” I walked closer and said “Well maybe that’s what I want. And you know if I am a virgin maybe I want a older man like you to pop my cherry.”
As I stood there I kinda had a feeling that he really liked virgin phone sex. When we finally started to study I found it really hard to focus on my work. All I could do was look at him the whole time. And I noticed how he kept looking at me too. And then I started thinking “I wonder if he has a big cock? I can see that bulge in his pants getting harder by the second. And I could tell he noticed that I was looking. I knew it was bad to be thinking that way but I just couldn’t help myself! I looked into his eyes and started running my pencil up and down my little thighs. And my little skirt slowly started to inch up. As soon as I started to wonder what thoughts were going through his mind he moved in a little closer to me. He pulled me into him and I brushed my little body into his. He took his hands and they found their way to brush across my puffy nipples. He looked at me and said “You may have not gotten your little cherry popped yet Nikki but you know exactly what you are doing to me don’t you? You are teasing me and getting my dick rock hard. And you should know there is only so much more of this that I can take.” 

 I got up and pretended to drop something on the floor and bent over right in front of him and he said “Oh my fucking god baby!” I looked back at him and then accidentally pretended to fall into his lap. I smiled and said “oops I didn’t mean to end up in your lap Mr Jonson. I started to wiggle my tight ass into his crotch. I just wiggled in circles and all the while I felt his cock press in against my little thigh. I started to undo his pants and slowly bring his big hard cock out saying "Have you thought what it would be like to take your hand and run it under my little top and feel my firm tits? And have you thought about what it would be like if you took your other hand and slid it under my little skirt and feel my little white cotton panties and feel how moist they get for you?" He started to stroke his dick and I said "Just imagine what it would feel like if you slid them to the side and ran your finger tips up and down my wet pussy lips. And think about how it would feel if you slid your fingers in my hot wet cunnie. The way that it would feel as it squeezed your fingers."
His breathing got so intense and he said “Baby are you a virgin or not?” I smiled and said “Well girls like me never tell. Maybe you should find out for yourself?” His stroking got more rapid and intense. As I took my hand I started to stroke his cock saying "Feel how wet it is for you right now." I parted my little legs and he took his hands and ran them across my panties. He said “Okay that’s it Nikki take off your clothes right now.” I could feel my bald pussy lips moisten because he knew what he wanted. And I was going to give it to him too. I slid out of my little skirt and then off came my pretty little panties and half top. My nipples were very perky and puffy and he licked his lips and pulled his big fat cock out. He said “look at this naughty girl. Do you see how hard you have my dick?” I said “MMMM I do and I want to make it feel really good.” It was really stiff and so big. And It was super duper thick too.
He demanded that I get down on my knees and suck his raging cock for him. Soon as my knees hit the floor my little mouth and tongue hit his dick. I slid my lips up and down his shaft and licked his cock. He got his fingers wet and slid them in my bald little pussy lips. I was so wet for him. He said “Is this because of me Nikki?” I said with my mouth full “Yes it is and only for you.” He grabbed my hair and pulled me deeper down on his pole. I started to choke on it and gag a little. And oh boy he really liked that a lot.
He started to pump and thrust in and out. I sucked it faster as my slurping noises made him even harder. He looked down and said “MMM your little pussy feels so good around my fingers. It’s just so fucking tight and wet and the snuggest thing I’ve ever felt.” He couldn’t take anymore. He pulled me up off of my knees and laid me on my side and took the tip of his cock head and ran it across my clit. I looked up at him moaning out because it felt so fucking good. His mushroom head was like velvet on my creamy cunnie lips. Every time he ran it up and down my lips I just got wetter and wetter. My body trembled all over because I was the only one who really knew that my little cherry hadn’t been popped yet.
 He grabbed my little hips and said “Nikki this will only hurt for a second baby.” I didn’t care though because I wanted his huge dick fucking me deep and hard. He took one long hard dive into my little pussy and I grabbed the sides of my chair and moaned and screamed out his name. “Mr. Jonson it’s too big! Its not going to fit in my virgin walls!” He didn’t stop though. It was almost like forced phone sex. I had teased him for so long there was no way he was going to stop. He looked down saying “I’m going to make it fit you little teasing slut!” He plunged in even more and I could feel something pop! I grabbed even tighter as he pumped faster and harder. It started to feel really good.  He would go fast then slow and soon as I could handle it he would speed up again. He saw how I looked at him and I said “Take this pussy it belongs to you!” He grabbed me by my hair and started fucking me extremely hard. My pussy muscles clinched and grabbed around his dick. He looked down at me and said “Nikki i'm ready to shoot my cum deep in that little twat of yours right now baby.
 I looked up at him and said “Oh pleeeeease give me your gooey thick cum. I want it so bad. I’ll be your perfect little slut if you just blow your creamy load deep inside of me.” And when he didn’t think my pussy lips could get any tighter I started to contract and cum all over his thick cock. And that’s when he couldn’t hold back any longer. He pinned me down and shot every last drop of cum inside my freshly popped cherry walls. MMMMM it felt so fucking good. I squeezed my pussy lips around his shaft and held his dick deep inside of me. He said “Nikki I wanted to fuck your little virgin ass too but that will give me a good excuse to come back again on our next tutoring session. Is it wrong for me to like men that are old enough to be my daddy? Am I naughty girl for being such a cock teasing slut? Oh boy I just know I will never forget the day my tutor came over and had some fun with me.
My little pussy is still soaking wet right now and I want more.
Do you want to be my tutor today and make me forget all about him? I can’t wait to be your naughty girl…

Friday, May 13, 2011

Earning My *A* By Being A Slutty Student

 Dear Diary,

I love teasing all of my teachers and being a little school girl phone sex slut by the way that I dress in my sexy pleated skirt and tight fitting top The ones that show off my firm breasts and sexy legs. I also like wearing my cotton pink panties that I know my math instructor likes to peek at. Sometimes I catch him looking under my desk to catch a peek of that thin cloth that covers my bare smooth little bald pussy. His eyes look like they want to pop out when he sees me inching my little skirt up so I can give him a long slow peek. 

When class is over and there is no one left in the room except for the instructor, I will bend over to pick up my book bag. I know he looks at my skirt as it rises up and can see my ass cheeks as I move them back and forth. As I turn around and stand up really fast and say "Do you like what you see Mr D?" I can see the bulge in his pants grow more and more. I can't wait for the day that I've teased, flirted and been a total slut with  my teacher so much that his cock is ready to pop out of his pants. I can’t wait to make him so horny for me that he forgets all about being married and just locks his office door and rips my little clothes off and has his way with me. 

I may even tempt him to have some very forbidden pervy forced phone sex thoughts about me. I will take  my hand to slowly run under my top and run my finger tips across my pink puffy nipples so he can see how hard they get for him. And maybe lifting it up just enough so he can see if i'm wearing a little bra or not. And then moving my hands down to my skirt as I toy with it and start to slowly rise it up to give him a glimpse of my panties. I want him to see the way that they cling to my little cunnie lips and get wet every time I think about him and how bad I want to be the one he cheats on his wife with. Right at that moment I know he would do anything to have me. And right at that moment will I  turn around and wiggle out of my short skirt and slide my little hips and ass out of my take fresh tight fitting worn creamy panties and let him stroke his big fat cock for me. 
 MMMM and if he really likes my little panties maybe he will wrap them around his dick and feel how soft they are. I will go to every one of my teachers and show them just how bad I want an "A" They know I will do ANYTHING to get the best grade I can. Because I’ve been such a bad girl and slacking all year being naughty and skipping class that I just know I’m going to fail. Not to mention if they ever told my daddy how much of a slut I am. Oh boy I’d really be in trouble. *giggles* MMMM I just cant get enough of my teachers big hard COCK in all of my little holes. 

I love older men. Every time I think of pleasing one I cant help but start playing with my tiny teen phone sex pussy. It’s just so tight and wet and all it wants to do is slide around their big fat dicks and feel them stretch me open. And by the time they get me in my favorite position with this sweet little kitty exposed nothing else will matter but hearing my sexy sweet moans call out their name as they are pumping me full of that big fat cock. I want to squeeze and grind my little ass back onto them as they spank me for being such a naughty slut. I want to be bent over their desk or lay flat on my back with my sexy little legs up in the air saying “Oh please Mr. Professor I’ll do whatever it takes to make that *A* You can fuck any of my tiny little holes. I’ll be as dirty and kinky as you want as long as I can make you cum like none of your other girl ever has.” I will be the dirty talking slut that makes his cock wanna pop every single time.

 My dripping wet little cunt lips will slide up and down their shafts and choke their cock until I’m squeezing every last drop of cum that they have. Getting what I want in exchange for what they want and that is feeling how my pink pussy lips will make their cocks explode. MMMM I just want all that thick hot batter shot in my tiny little pussy. Or maybe I can get down on my knees and beg to get it shot down my throat like a good little cum drinking slut. I just wanna look back at them saying "Can I please milk your cock and drain your full balls?." As my hips grind back onto theirs as I squeeze tighter and tighter with every thrust they give me. 

So do you think you have something you can teach me? Do you want to totally corrupt this naughty girl today?

Call me so we can have some after school fun today....