Friday, April 29, 2011

Your Sweet And Not So Innocent Girl Next Door

Dear Diary,

I am not like your typical girl that lives next door to you. Sweet? Yes I’ve been told that I am a very sweet girl but that’s only on the outside. Under that is a very naughty girl. I’m the kind that will sneak over when your wife is away. Or find a way for you to come over to my house when my parents are away. I see you watching me sometimes when I’m outside on a hot day like today. You see me get all wet when I’m washing my car. I can feel your eyes looking at me when the water spays all over my little top. Have you ever seen the way that it clings to me when I get all wet and soapy? Have you wanted to get a closer look when my little cami clings to my top and you can see my nipples push through my top? Or what about the time when you see me in my living room or bedroom when you are passing by. You know I just love to pick the perfect time to tease you by the slutty little skimpy outfits that I wear. My skirts are a little too short or my little tops are a wee bit too tight. Sometimes when It’s late and I’m about to change into my lacy teddy and matching panties I look across the alley and see your blinds move. Do you like it when I’m on my knees like this smiling at you and touching myself? Did you know that I like the way that you look at me? It feels like you are undressing me with your eyes. Are you wishing that somehow you could come over to my place when I’m all alone so we can spend some time together? What if I pick out the perfect time to show get you over here and show you that I’m the total opposite from your wife or girl friend? I want to get you so heated up that lust fills in your eyes for me. I want to make your cock so hard that you lose total control when you think about me. I want to brush my tight 18teen phone sex year old body against yours and feel your hands run up and down my little body. You look into my eyes and say “Ohhhh Nikki I’m so glad I have you all to myself now. I have seen the way you tease me in your bedroom. 

I have seen you when you slip out of your skirt and show off those sexy little panties. My cock has gotten so hard for you it drives me crazy. And I’ve seen the times when  you change into your little teddy. All I can think about is seeing what you look like under it” I give a sexy giggle and say “Well I’m all yours now.” You pull me over to your couch and slide your pants down and out comes your big fat cock. You look into my eyes and tell me to strip down to panties. Then you pull me on top of you and I start to wiggle my little ass in circles. I can feel your pole throbbing as I’m moving back and forth. You spread open my legs and run  your hands between them and make your way to my pink panties. I can feel your pre cum drip on my thighs as you say “fuck Nikki my dick has never been this hard for anyone before.” You take your hand and place them on my firm tits and squeeze them. You see how hard my nipples are and you start to lick and suck on them. I look into your eyes and say “Can I be your slutty girl matt? Please let me feel your big fat cock slide in my tiny bald pussy lips.” You move my little panties to the side and lift me up saying “Do you know how many times I’ve imagined your little lips wrapped around my cock? Do you know how many times I’ve stroked off wishing I could feel your pussy choking my dick? I slide my little hand around your shaft and start pumping it. You say ‘I know you are a little slut. You go around acting all sweet and innocent at times but I know how naughty you are.” My hand pumps your shaft and I say “I am your slut and my pink dripping wet pussy needs your cock inside of me.” You start to push me down on your mushroom head and I move my hips back and forth. You have lust in your eyes and you say “Fuck I already know that you can give me what my wife wont. And I know those pussy lips are so much tighter than hers.” I want to give you something like you have never had before. 

And that's a complete and total teen slut who will lick, suck, and let you fuck every one of my tiny holes. My mouth is warm and wet and will slide up and down your shaft and take it in so deep that it's hitting the back of my throat. MMM I just love sucking cock. And I want to be your deep throat cum slut. I know you want to see me looking up at you as my head is bobbing up and down your shaft. Saying "Please don't stop fucking my mouth." But you don't want me to stop there do you? Now that you have me on top of your lap with my tiny pussy lips ready to push down on your thick meat in you are trying to decide which hole you are going to fuck. I look at you and say “You know you can have either hole you want matt. I’m all yours.” But right now all you want to do is sink that fleshy cock in my sweet pussy. Look at my little pink cunny, it's so tiny and needs to be stretched out by your massive man dick. Stretch it open please. Pump that flesh in and out as I'm moaning out "Fuck this slutty pussy matt it feels so good!" You would not last long in there because of the way that it squeezes and grips and pulls you in deeper and deeper. You feel my dripping wet pussy drench your cock and it drives you crazy. Your wife never gets this wet for you. I look into  your eyes and start begging you for your cum. My sweet young girlish voice starts to moan out your name as I start choking your cock. You think you are ready to blow your thick hot load for me but do you want to take a taste of my fuckable ass too? I’ll slide my puckered ass down on your stick. I want to ride that cock and bounce up and down. Going faster and faster as my little tits are bouncing in your face. This little rose bud is heavenly and your dick is all that I want fucking me. Make me your naughty secret and let my slutty walls squeeze, choke and make your shaft wetter then it's ever been. I know your wife isn't there right now so cum on over and let me give you some of the hottest no limits phone sex you have ever had and make you cum like never before...

Nawty Nikki

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Secret Late Night Playtime With You

Dear Diary,

I can't stop thinking about the man down the hall way sneaking into my bedroom at night. Looking at me laying there in my pretty little panties and half top. You stand here with forbidden phone sex thoughts as I’m sleeping soundly. My perky breasts are pushing through and my sweet little pussy print that's pushed against my panties. Your cock stiffens the moment you see me like that. And it's so big, hard and throbbing and ready to bust out of your shorts. 

How long have you wanted to come in here and show me how bad you want to fill my tight little holes? You have been watching me tease and taunt and be a flirt with you for long enough now. Going around barely dressed because I know it makes your dick rock hard. I know you have even went in your bedroom and have wrapped my little cotton panties around your stiff pole as you stroked yourself off thinking about my hot little mouth wrapped around your rod. And you have thought about bending me over and fucking my tight little pussy also. And you know that I’m a nawty slut who likes taking a big fat cock in my ass too. 

So tonight when you came in you decided you were going to waken me by taking your hands and run them all over my tiny 18teen phone sex body. Your dick gets harder because you slide your hand under my little cami and touch my perky nipples. I moan out and move my little body around because I feel like I’m dreaming. Your big strong hands feel so good trailing across my body. You can’t stop looking between my little legs. Do you want to slide my pretty panties down and expose my bald pink pussy? Do you want to crawl on top of me and push your big fat dick in my dripping wet pussy? 

I want nothing more to waken by your huge throbbing cock. You take the tip of your big fat cock and slide it in my mouth. But you get so excited when I open my eyes and start sucking and slurping all over It that you lose control and make me gag on it. I look up at you and say in my sweet lil girl voice "MMMM I just love blow job phone sex." I lick the pre cum that starts oozing from your cock head and you fell me slide my pretty lips up and down your shaft. 

Did you know that my sweet pink pussy gets very wet for you? Why wouldn't it I love your big fat dick. Filling up my throat as you push the tip of your head even further down. Then sliding it out as I look up at you and lick on the tip of the head. Then taking my soft little hands as I start to stroke and pump it for you. 

You never knew the reason why I have been a naughty girl like I have around you. I have always fantasized about you coming in my room and forcing me to do whatever you want with me. After I make your cock rock hard by sucking and slurping on it you slide it out and stuff it in my baby girl twat. MMMmmm it feels so good the way you hold me down and force your meaty big dick in me. Feeling my cunt lips grab around your shaft as you slide in and out. My pussy walls are so wet as my juices drip down your shaft.

 Do you get so excited that you start to thrust deeper and harder? Is it almost like you are forcing  yourself on me because my tiny pussy is the tightest you have ever had? Maybe you want me to resist you and cry out as you plunge your cock in my baby girl pussy. Make me cry as your 9 inches of steel is ramming in and out of me. 

Maybe you are popping my little cherry for the first time and it’s unlike any virgin pussy you have ever had before in your life. Gripping and clinching around your shaft as you hit the back of my walls. Hearing me moan out your name as you grind into my little body. Do you want me to beg you not to stop? I will take it like a good little girl and tell you this is your pussy and no one knows how to fuck me like you do. Feeling a wave move through my hot little hole as you know i'm about to cum all over your dick. Do you want me too? 

Do you want to feel the tightest most electrifying feeling grab a hold of you as my tiny walls wrap around you and won't let go? I can feel you throbbing inside of me as you are looking down at me ready to explode your batter deep inside of me. Are you ready to give me your thick hot cum? You know I want it very bad. And you can be my older sisters boy friend who is staying over for a while. You can be my brothers best friend who has wanted to fuck me for the longest time. 

You can be the older man next door who has perverted thoughts about me. And you can be my step daddy who has pervy thoughts of me. And if you like it even more taboo you can even be my daddy uncle or brother. The more nawty the better. And if you have a big fat dick I want you in all of my holes right now. And these slutty holes wanna make you feel so good that you burst your creamy batter deep inside of me. 

MMMMM Yummie....

 Call me at 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Nikki

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Knocked Up High School Slut

Dear Diary,

Would I have listened to my daddy about the spring job that the neighbor was offering if I knew what it was really about? There we were standing in his home office and he said “Nikki it’s good to see you. I’m sure you heard about the job I’m offering for the spring. Do you know what kind of work I do?” I said “No I didn’t get details my daddy just said you were in marketing.” He had an evil wicked grin on his face and said “Well ya you can say that but if he really knew what kind of marketing he would never send you over.” I was twirling my long blond hair around my finger and said “Really? Cause I’m a very curious girl and I wanna know what kind it is.” Walking up closer to me he says “Well I do adult films.” I gulped hard and said “Adult films? You mean like xxx rated?” He said “Yes that’s the kind. So tell me do you wanna be a star? Because there is a starring role and you look soooooo much like you would be perfect for that part.” I smiled sayen “Really I wanna be a star.” Then he goes “The name is called Knocked Up High School Slut.” My eyes got really big and I said “Ummm is that what I will audition for?” he started touching me sayen “Oh yeah Nikki you will be. 

So tell me are you on the pill?” I said “Well yeah but I have missed a few days and forgot to take them.” He brings out his video camera and takes me by the hand and says follow me behind my desk Nikki.” I wanted the part so bad that I would do anyyyyything to get it.” He told me that I had the perfect teen phone sex body and he asked if I could get undressed for him. So I slid off my little jean skirt and cami and got down to my pretty white panties. He said “Are you good with your mouth Nikki? Do you like having things in it because there may be some sucking involved.” I giggled and said “Oh yeah I just love to suck on my candy it’s just so yummie!” He says “MMM good because I have some hard candy you can suck on now little girl.” 

He takes his hand and pushes me down on my knees and tells me to slide his pants down. I did exactly as he wanted me too like a good girl and pulled out his big fat cock. I looked up at him and smiled and said “Can I please show you how good I can suck it for you?” He says “Oh yeah baby show me what you can do.” Then he asked me how long I have been sucking cock for and I told him “Well I started when I was really young “giggles* He said I bet you were like eleven or twelve huh? I didn’t say anything I just gave a really big smile and started to suck his tastee candy stick. It was so big and hard. He got really excited cause he put his hand in the top of my head and started pushing me down even further. He really liked it when I was slurping and moving my mouth up and down. His candy flavored cock dripped something really delicious down my throat and he started pushing me so far down that I gagged. My head bobbed up and down and he fucked my throat and almost came in my mouth! But he looked down and said “I don’t want to finish down your throat. Get up and bend over my desk okay?” 

I did what he wanted and he pulled my little panties down and told me I had the perfect little ass but he didn’t wanna pop my ass cherry this time. My tiny bald pussy was so wet and ready to be stretched out. I looked back at him and said “Pleeeeeease let me show you why I would be perfect for the leading role.” He took the tip of his cock mushroom head and slowly pushed it in my pink slit. He could feel how he had to force it in cause it was so tiny. He got so excited that he tore my panties off and shoved his huge dick in my cunnie lips. He looked at me and said “damn baby your tiny pussy feels like it’s trying to milk the cum from my cock!” I smiled and choked his huge rod even tighter and said “they are. I told you I really want to be the star of your porn movie. And I want to be the most submissive phone sex slut you have ever fucked.”

 He pushed my hips down and locked his cock in my little teen twat and said “Beg for my batter Nikki!” I was a good little girl for him and said “Pleeeeease Mr. Director give me all  your baby batter! I want it soooooo bad! Please make me pregnant with your thick creamy seed!” He fed me every last drop of his cum and said “MMMMM Nikki that was so hot! But I have a dirty little secret to tell you.” I said “Oh yah? What’s that?” He said “Not only will you get preggers but I’m not the director of this hot porn flick. I work for the director and I’m going to tell him you are going to be the first choice for his new movie.” I smirked and said OMG you are not the director?! “ I can’t believe he tricked me like that! I grabbed my clothes made my way back to the door and looked back at him. He said “Next time I’m going to take that ass cherry of yours baby. Be back tomorrow to try out for another part.” How sneaky was that! I will NEVER forget how I was a nawty lil slut for the older man next door. 

Can we do a naughty role play phone sex call today? I would love to be your submissive slutty cutie pie.  *giggles*

Nawty Nikki

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hi Guys Welcum To My Dirty Lil Diary

Hi guy’s my name is Nikki and I’m a nawty little teen who is ready to have some fun with you today. Will you please cum touch me, feel me, and play with my sweet pink pussy? I am your barely legal phone sex dream and I can’t wait to make your big fat candy stick rock hard. Ummmm I just love hard candy. I love licking, sucking and taking it deep down in my lil throat. Can I suck it until you give me that thick n creamy sticky goo? Or maybe you want to slide your candy stick in my bald lil cunnie lips. I’ll moan out “Please fuck me!” My tiny little twat will grab around your dick and squeeze all your baby batter from those cum filled balls.
I’m a naughty little slut who loves all kinds of fantasies. I doubt that you can shock me too. I know I may look sweet and innocent but don’t let that fool you because I don’t have one shy bone in my petite little body. I will never tell you no when it comes to getting your big fat dick off either. I want you to slide your swollen fat cock in all my tight little fuck holes.
It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a submissive little play toy or a nawty lil princess. I’ll wrap you around my pretty little finger and have you cumming back for more.  
You may find yourself sneaking into my room late at night and see me in my pretty little pink panties. Do you want to slide them off and wrap them around your swollen head and jerk off with them? Or maybe I’ll walk in and catch you parading around in my pretty little panties like the slut that you are. This princess knows how to punish all you subbies and I ALWAYS  get my way.
So won’t you cum play with me today? I can’t wait to be your newest sweet teen treat. *giggles*
Nawty Nikki