Monday, June 27, 2011

Naughty Phone Sex Intern

 Dear diary,

OMG I just got this summer job for an entry level position as a intern and my boss called me in for a heated naughty phone sex discussion. He told me that he needed to discuss something very important with me. He locked the door and told me that he has heard rumors about me being a slut and doing the guy down in shipping and receiving late last Friday night. Of course me wanting to come across like the good girl I like everyone to believe that I am I denied the whole thing. He looked and said “Nikki you can go around playing that sweet and innocent look with a lot of the men here but you don’t fool me one bit. “ I giggled and said “Well what if it is true? What’s wrong with me being flirty with the guy down there and seeing how far I can take it with him?” He scoffed and said “it’s a problem because you need to be focusing on your job and making sure you do EVERYTHING you can to keep your job missy.” He took me by the hand and said “you do want to keep your job now don’t you?” I said “yes I do want to keep my job. But isn’t the real reason you called me in here is because you would rather have me focus on you?” I could see him looking down my little top and seeing the way my perky nipples were pressing against my tits. He really had a hard time focusing on what he was trying to say. I smiled and said “Do you like how I’m dressed today Mr. B?” He cleared his throat and said “Well I don’t really have any comment on that except for you are pushing the dress code.” 

He grabbed me by the hand and pulled me down on his lap and said “Nikki can you see what your outfits has made happen to me? I have a huge stiff boner in my pants right now. What are we going to do about this? Because your job is in jeopardy and I could replace you just like that.” I leaned into him and said “Can you Really? Can you find a girl who will stay late and have those private meetings with you at a moment’s notice? Can you find a girl who is as good with their hands and mouth as I am?” I started to wiggle my little hips and buns on his crotch and before I knew it he had my little shirt up and hand between my legs. He gave me a stern look and said “Oh great now look at what you made me do Nikki!” I started to rock on his lap and said “I’m going to the full max you know? I want the job working right next to you Mr. B.” His cock started to stiffen even more as his fingers found their way at my pretty little panties. His breathing was very intense and said “It’s time that you show me exactly what you are capable of doing to keep your job Nikki.” Before I knew it off came his pants, out came his big fat dick, up came my little skirt, down came my pretty little panties and my tiny ass was up in the air. He pushed me into his desk and  stood behind me smacking my little ass with his big fat tool. Then he spun me around and lifted me up on his desk and started filling up my teen phone sex pussy lips. His hard steel stretched me open as he thrusts in and out just pumping me faster and faster. 

His hands were all over my puffy nipples as my bald lips slid up and down his shaft. My dirty phone sex mouth made his dick throb as he started leaking and dripping precum inside of my little snatch box. I grinded into him and said “I really want to be your slut. And I really want to be the one that gives you exactly what you want. I want this tiny pink pussy to be all yours and your cock all mine.” He pounds me and says “You little slut there have been so many times I’ve just wanted to rip your fucking clothes off. You have no idea how much I’ve wanted to just push you in that storage closet and make you my submissive phone sex slut. You go around here dressed like this in my office bending over in front of me. And when I see those ass cheeks pop out I can't even think straight!” I said “Ohhhh I’ll be your favorite little slut. I’ll have your dick feeling so good that you won’t ever want to go home to your wife.” He was much older than me. And I was just barely eighteen. Did that make him a pervy? *giggles* All I knew is that I would not stop squeezing and feeling his cock stretch me open until he couldn’t take any more.  He got this really intense look on his face and let out a deep loud moan and then said “Oh Nikki where are my condoms?” I laughed and said “Condoms? We don’t need any condoms. Don’t you know how much I like it bare back? Pleeeease don’t cover it up it feels so good.” I begged and begged and that just drove him insane. Before I knew it he shot a huge load of cum deep inside of my sweet pussy lips. I looked up at him and said “If you give me that job and I can prove myself to you I won’t be a naughty phone sex slut with any other man except for you….

MMM I sure hope he lets me prove myself to him. 

Have you heard naughty rumors about me? Maybe you will call me into your office and call me for our very own phone sex fun and tell me all about it.

Nikki 1-888-662-6482

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Role Play Phone Sex

Summertime is right around the corner yay! And to bring it in right there is nothing I can think of that makes me happier than having you call me for one of your favorite kinda role play phone sex fantasies...

So me and my bff’s decided to go to six flags over Texas this past weekend. It’s one of many things we will do to start the summer off right “giggles* we had fun there all day getting on rides, getting delicious eats, and teased all the older men that we possibly could, and been really naughty girls. But when it came time for the park to close that’s when I saw you. Just as I was about to walk out the exit you walked up to me and took me by the hand and said “excuse me Nikki  I need you to come with me please.” I couldn’t believe it! The park security had a grip on me saying “We need to go to my office to discuss a matter.” I had no clue of what he could possibly want to talk about. When we got back there he locked the door and said “I’m sure you are wondering how I know your name. But the truth is that I know your boy friend and he wanted me to keep an eye on you.” I said “Keep an eye on me? for what?” He walked up to me and said “Well he told me about you plus I’m friends with your parents. I smiled and said “I don’t know what you know about me but I’m a good girl. Don’t I look sweet and innocent?” You said “Well I use to think that until I saw what you were doing today.” 

He walked over to me and started to frisk me and say “I saw when you went in that candy store and stole all those lollipops.” I stepped back and said “I don’t know what you are talking about I didn’t steal anything!” You smiled and said “Oh yes you did. I saw the way you were licking and sucking on it right in front of me! What would your parents think of you if they knew you were a thief! And you know all I have to do is haul you down to the station and give you a night in jail and see if you change your tune.” I said “They would not believe you. They know I’m a good girl.” You said “yeah keep saying that but what would your boy friend say if he knew how you were going around being a cock tease?” I looked down and couldn’t help but notice the bulge growing and said “I may be all those things but isn’t the truth that you wanted to get me back here to have your way with me? And besides I can’t spend a night in jail. Please I’ll do anything if you just don’t arrest me.”  I knew at that point that he wanted a submissive phone sex slut and I would not be going anywhere but staying there with Mr. Officer…

He was the kinda man that just made my sweet little kitty so excited. I could tell that he knew how to get what he wanted. And being in uniform like that just made my heart pound even harder. I could tell he really liked girls who would give him what he wanted. And I also had a feeling that his cock got rock hard for knowing I was a phone sex slut just for him. I teased and seduced him and really turned up the heat. I was a super flirt and had him forget about why he had me there. Before I knew it he had my little clothes ripped off and had his big fat dripping cock out. I touched it and stroked it and got down on my knees and started to kiss and lick it. I looked up and said “I know you have been following me today.  And I have a secret to tell you. I stole that candy because I wanted you to bring me back here so you could give me my favorite kinda candy.” He moaned out and said “MMMmmMMm And what kind is that?” I giggled and said “This candy right here Mr. Officer.” 

I started to suck and lick and take his dick deep down my throat. I gave him a sloppy wet blow job as I slurped and suck on his thick shaft. His pre cum dripped down my throat. He looked down at me and pulled me up and said “I need to frisk you with my knife stick baby.” I said “I hope you are going to use your big hard cock as the knife stick. Please poke my little pink hole and show me what it’s like to be a naughty girl. “ I wiggled my little ass back and forth and grinded my little pussy into his cock head. By now he was so heated up he could have done anything to me. He grabbed my little hips and started to pound my pink pussy full of his cock.  He loved that I was the perfect little submissive phone sex slut for him. He had the biggest cock my pussy had ever felt. The way that it stretched me open and hit the back of my pussy walls felt so good. He told me his candy had a creamy treat that he was going to shoot deep inside of me. My cunnie walls choked his dick even tighter. He pushed me against his desk with his full balls smacking against his ass and before I knew it he was saying “OOOOOH Nikki choke my knife stick and drink down all this cum baby!” MMMM it felt so good. 

I can’t wait to go to six flags again. Who only knows what will happen next time! 

Or maybe you will call me for one of your favorite role play phone sex calls and make me forget all about him. I can’t wait to be your naughty girl today….


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Submissive Phone Sex Slut

Do you like seeing me lay back in my bed like this right now? I'm thinking about you and wishing your hands could slide my little panties down. If you look really closely you see my yummie little pussy lips push through as I’m looking at you smiling like this. I really wish that I could be your naughty little submissive phone sex slut right now. Or maybe you want me to be the girl you always peek at through your fence when I’m outside by the pool getting a suntan. Do you see the way I slide my little bikini top off and rub suntan lotion all over my little teen body? I wish  you would come over and rub it all over me. When I lay back and spread my little legs open can you see the way my pussy lips push through my bikini bottoms? MMMM I just love it when you secretly watch me. I want to come to your house when your wife is not around a do a sexy strip tease out of my clothes and make your cock rock hard for me. I wanna make it harder for me than it is for her. I really wanna see you stroke it for me as I start touching you all over  your body. I want to be the only girl you think about when you are driving from work on your way home. I want to crawl in your head and be the only sexy sweet young voice phone sex sound that you hear and imagine me calling out your name. I want to wrap my soft little hand around your cock and stroke it a little bit. Can a take a lick from your big fat candy stick? Maybe you want to feel my warm wet mouth slide up and down your pole and make it dripping wet as I give you a sloppy wet blow job. And just as you feel like you are ready to be taken to the edge of exploding you take me and pull me down on your lap and tell me “Nikki I want to slide the tip of my cock head right between your pink pussy lips and stretch you open.” I want to look into your eyes and smile and say “Will you please fuck my bald cunnie lips? They are so wet for you.” Our breathing gets intense as you thrust deeper inside of me. You feel your balls start to fill up as I’m bouncing up and down on your shaft. Do you know I could milk all the cum from your balls right now? Do you want to touch my puffy nipples and feel how hard they are? Do you want to feel my cunnie grip around your dick as you lick and suck on them? Go ahead and ram your cock deeper and faster. I’ll moan out louder as you make me your favorite lil fuck toy. I want your cum so bad right now. Wont you call me and let me show you how much I can please you and take care of all your submissive phone sex fantasies? I’m all yours just cum and play with me anyway you like.

I’ll be waiting in your bedroom <3
Your fantasy phone sex secrets always makes my sweet kitty get so wet…