Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cum Luvin Cock Tease Phonesex

 Dear Diary,

We just arrived at our camp site and you haven’t cum for days. No one was around just yet and you had been waiting weeks for the right time for your wife to leave on her business trip so we could plan that fun secret time you promised me. I have been the perfect little cock tease all the way up there. And this afternoon when we got out of the car you grabbed me and started touching me all over. MMMM just thinking about being your cock tease phone sex slut makes my bald lil pussy so wet. 

You pushed me down on my knees in front of you as I dropped your pants and saw your big fat cock spring out at my face. I started to kiss you up your inner thighs getting closer to your cock. I teased it just a little and took your long hard pole in my soft little hand and licked your creamy filled balls. I took them in my mouth and sucked and licked. They tasted sooooo good. You started to tea bag my mouth as I got them dripping wet with my tongue. Those cum filled grapes nestled against my chin just ready to burst as I licked my way up your long 8 inch shaft. I could taste your pre cum dripping down as I started to lick it. It was sooo tasty. I circled the head of your mushroom just as if I was licking on my favorite lolli. I slurped my mouth all over it making it dripping wet with my warm mouth. I looked up at you and started sliding my lips up and down your dick and felt you push my head down deeper. I knew you wanted to fuck my throat and feel me choke all over your cock. My tongue was all over it and my lips were so far down I could take my tongue and just barely hit your huge fucking balls. 

I sucked my cheeks hard holding your dick in my mouth. The sucking and slurping sounds made you throb even more. You pulled me up off your shaft and looked down at me and ran your mushroom head around my chin and glossy painted lips. Your dick hadn’t been that hard in ages. I felt like teasing you a little more so I got up off of my knees and walked in front of you like I was going to go down to the lake. I bent over and my tiny white skirt went up and out popped my ass cheeks. I wiggled them nice and slow and looked back as you had your big rod in  your hand stroking it. You walked over to me and grabbed me saying “Not so fast Nikki I have a big fat tool to give you.” I giggled and said “MMMM what kinda tool do you have baby?” You pushed me up against your car and started to slide your cock head up and down my tight teen phone sex pussy lips. I was dripping wet and all I could think about was feeling your meaty pole slide in my bald pussy. You flipped me around and lifted me up on your car as I started sliding my tight lips up and down your hard wet cock. I started off nice and slow. Moving my lips up and down squeezing it tighter with my twat. I started to bounce on it like I was riding a pony. You slid my top down exposing my perky tits as I started to grind and jerk my hips squeezing that huge dick inside of me. I moaned out “Fuck my tight pussy Matt! I want to be your favorite cock tease phone sex slut!” I kept urging the cum out of your dick getting you closer and closer but not yet cumming until you couldn’t take any more. 

But I just had to have that cock in my mouth one more time so I sucked it hard deep and fast. My mouth dropped all the way down on those balls and slurping and squeezing until I got ever last drop of jizz from those balls. MMMM just look at all that tasty cream all over my face. It’s soooo tasty and yummie. I just love being his naughty cum slut. 

Can I be yours today? I really wanna play with your big fat dick and tease all the cum from those creamy balls right now. My tiny pussy lips are dripping just thinking about you right now
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