Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Wanna Slide My Tight Pink Lips Around Your....

I want to slide my pink bald lips on your long hard cock. I want to come to your house when no one is there but you. I walk around dressed in those slutty little clothes that make your pery mind go insane. You have told me many times that girls like me are just asking for trouble. But I love the attention I just can’t help it. I’ve got the reputation of being a very slutty girl. And even if I do look sweet and innocent don't let that fool you one bit. I’ve fucked the captain of the football team in the gym, the sexy guys on the basketball team, the coach, my teachers and now I want you. I want to make your cock drip pre cum as I’m slowly sliding out of my sexy little skirt. I want to feel your hands grab me as I peel off my tiny little top. I want to wrap my soft little hand around your cock and stroke it as you press your lips against mine. I want to moan out “Please take this little pussy. It needs your big hard cock so bad.” When you think about how much I want to be your naughty girl your dick gets so hard it drips pre cum. You have stroked off so many times thinking about my sweet cunnie sliding down your big fat dick. But how are you going to have me all to yourself? How are you going to show me that older men know how to fuck a little teen phone sex slut like no one else can.

Are you married? Do you have a girl friend? Can I be your dirty little secret on the side? We can have a special meeting place where no one knows about. Maybe it’s in your guest house. Or maybe it’s in your office late at night. Or maybe you want to hire me as your “personal” intern so I can do all those things she won’t. I will give up my warm wet mouth, sweet barely legal pussy and tiny ass just for you. I want to make your dick feel so good that it aches to blow deep inside of my pussy walls. Maybe you have a secret role play phone sex fantasy of knocking me up. Do you want to be the first to plant your seed in my sweet young kitty? I want to sit on your lap and tease your dick while I’m dressed in my panties and little half top and grind in slow circles. I get so fucking wet every time I think about milking your cock. You know no one will drain your full balls like me. I’ll excite you so much and run my sweet cunnie lips up and down your shaft that you will be ready to ram that cock deep in my fuck walls. Go ahead and lift me up and drop these pink wet lips around the top of your mushroom head. Grab my hips and watch me bounce up and down as my little tits are right there for you to lick and kiss. You can suck them and bite them and feel my juices get wetter as they drip down your stiff pole. And if you like getting dirty go ahead and slide a finger in my tiny little ass and feel the way my pussy grabs on your dick even tighter. I’ll look into your eyes and smile as I beg you saying “Pleeeease Mr… plant your seed inside of me. I know you want to make me preggers.” As soon as you hear me say that you shove it in even deeper. I’ll grab a hold of that fat meaty cock and choke it so tight you blow every last drop of cum you have. And just when you think I’ve drained you dry I’ll squeeze a little tighter until you are completely milked….

MMMMM….. I just love being your favorite lil phone sex slut, and I know you do too. I’ll be the best little secret fuck doll you have ever had.

Kisses n Licks,