Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Bff's Daddy Always Takes What He Wants

Dear Diary,

There I laid whimpering as my best friends pervy daddy had me all to himself. I came over to visit my BFF but she was nowhere to be found. I should have known when he called me to come over that it was going to be a trick. But since he said she was on her way home for Christmas break from college I thought “Yay! It’s been a few months since I’ve seen her!” We stood there alone in her bedroom as he looked at me with this creepy expression on his face. He smiled and said “I guess you know now Nikki that Tabby is not coming home. And I have you exactly where I want you.” My body trembled as he made steps toward me. I looked up at him and said “I always knew you were a pervy but why me?” He said in his strong deep tone “You know exactly why Nikki. You go around wearing these cute little outfits showing off that fresh young skin and every time I think about you my dick gets rock hard. You walk around here flaunting off those perky breasts in those low cut tops and show off those pretty little panties every time you go to bend over. You knew exactly what you were doing to me didn’t you?” I tried to play dumb because my heart was racing. But the really scary part that I was thinking “am I getting turned on by the way he’s looking at me? Could my panties possibly be getting wet by the way his cock is bulging in his pants? Was I totally asking for what was about to happen even though I’m scared out of my mind?” 

There was nowhere to run to escape and as I tried to see how I was going to get out of there he smirked and said “Don’t even think about it Nikki I’ve got you cornered and you cant escape what’s about to happen.” He backed me into my best friends bed and pushed me down and out came his huge 9 inch cock stiff and ready. I looked up with my eyes starting to get teary as I said “I’m sorry for being so slutty acting around you. I was just having a little fun that’s all.” He said “Shut up Nikki that’s not all you were asking for this to happen!” He planted his big hand around his dick standing there above me stroking it and ripped my little panties off. He grabbed my little legs and spread them wide open pinning me down on the bed. And my tiny petite body quivered all over as he started rubbing the big mushroom head of his meaty dick against my pink swollen pussy lips. His deep voice said “A teen cunt like this needs to get stuffed and taken all the fucking time!” I looked up at him with my glass eyes saying “Please don’t hurt me. I’m sorry and I’ll be good from now on.” 

He said “No you wont because you are a fucking slutty cock tease! ” His dick head was sliding up and down my swollen pink slit. He had this hungry grin on his face like he was going to eat me alive. Then with one hard thrust he plunged his big fat pole in my bald tiny pussy. I tried not to scream but it hurt so bad! I moved my body trying to get away as I said “PLEEEEEEEEEASEEEEEE NOOOOOOO!” He laughed and said “You can yell all you want too you little fucking tease but no one will hear you! Why do you think I have a house out in the country! It’s because little sluts like you can’t be saved or heard!” His dick got harder the more that I cried and screamed out. He started to pump my tiny hole even harder. Then he said “Are you a virgin you little bitch? Because I haven’t felt a cunt this tight in a long time!” He grabbed my ankles and put them up on his chest and started to plow even deeper in me! He was rolling his hips into mine as his balls smacked against my little ass and said “If you are scared why is your pussy wet! Are you liking this Nikki?” I screamed out saying “No no NO I don’t!” He said “You lying slut you do like it! If you didn’t your fucking twat would not be dripping wet all over my dick!” Could he have been right though? Did I really like what he was doing to me?

I mean he was my best friends daddy. And he was the kinda man that I really get turned on for. And even though he was old enough to be my daddy and so rough how could I be getting turned on by that? Was his aggressiveness exciting me? And the fact that he was tall and very handsome making me want him to force himself on me? He said “answer me Nikki you want this don’t you!” I eased a smile across my face and said “What if I do like it? What if my little pussy is wet because I wanted to drive you to having your way with me?” My pussy started to grip and clinch his dick and choked it tight! I wrapped my legs around his waist as his mushroom head hit the back of my pussy walls. He was moving in and out thrusting and holding it deep inside of me. And all of the sudden as he had me pushed down into the bed he looked and said “I hope you are thirsty you little whore because I’m about to unload down your fucking throat!” He pulled his dick out and started jacking it above my mouth and I looked up at him and said “What are you waiting for? Go ahead and feed me your cum please.” I started licking and sucking his fat pole slurping my pretty lips up and down and gagging all over and he came like a fountain! He filled my throat up with all his batter as I lay there covered in his cum. He looked down and said “you are a lil pervy too aren’t you!” I giggled and said “Well maybe I could be. And maybe I love pervy’s like you…” 

Who knows what will happen next time! Will he rape my virgin ass? Was I just asking for even more trouble? And what if it were you? Would you be the one teaching me a lesson I never forget? I can’t wait to find out! 

Nikki ~ 1-888-662-6482