Monday, September 19, 2011

My Tiny Kitty Luvs To Wrap Around Your Secret Treat

He came into my room this morning and woke up his favorite girl up with a big hard present. I was very happy to see him as he climbed into my pretty bed and said "Surprise baby girl." I looked at him and smiled because I knew what was going to be happening next. But who was he? My mommies boy friend? Someone she was cheating around with behind daddies back? Maybe he was a secret fling? He could have been step daddy. Or could he have even been daddy!? She was still asleep in the room down the hall so we could not make a lot of noise. His big hard cock wasn’t the only prezzie I got. He had some jewelry, a new baby doll nighty and some new toys. I looked at him as I said "Oh I love my gifts but I love that big fat candy stick even more!" I reached over and gave him a very big hug. He always loves to bring me treats because he knows that I will always give him my sweet little treat.

I looked into his eyes and took his hand in mine and began to run it across my perky little breasts. He moaned out lightly as he took his finger tips and began running them across my puffy nipples. I could see that the bulge in his shorts was getting harder as he started to make his way down my little body. As I whispered out "I want to be your secret little fuck slut." His cock grew more when he heard me say that. He whispered back "It will have to be our own secret okay Nikki? We can’t tell your mommy cause if she finds out she will leave me."  I gave him a naughty smile and felt his hand start to crawl under my little nighty. He knows that I love to be his pleasing girl and do whatever it takes to him rock hard.

I know mommy never gives him what he wants. He looked at me as he stated to slide his fingers up and down my pink pussy lips and said "I need you to make me feel good right now." Then he started to run his fingers inside my tiny little hole. It was dripping wet and felt so good as he started to slowly slide his fingers inside of me. He could feel the way my tiny pussy lips gripped around it. His finger felt so good sliding in and out of me. And I could feel my kitty get wetter by the second.  I took my little hand as I reached over and pulled out his big fat dick.

Sliding it up and down as I began stroking it for him. His cock was so hard and throbbed so much he had pre cum leaking out. I laid back as he crawled up between my little legs and brought his big fat cock to my mouth. I looked up at him as he slid it in my hot wet mouth. His cock was so big and so hard and my pussy got so excited feeling him slide it in and out faster and harder. I looked up at him sucking it like a lolli just slurping all over it saying “MMMM it tastes so yummie. I love being your cock sucking slut.” He got so excited as he started to pump and fuck my mouth as his juices started dripping into the back of my throat he said "Oh yes suck this cock like a good little whore." His rod slid so far down my throat that I almost started to gag on it. But that wasn't the only hole he wanted to fuck.

He looked at me and said "I want to ram that tiny little ass of yours. He put me on all fours and took his hands and gripped my hips. His cock was standing straight out as he said "Oh look at that hot fuck box it’s dripping wet. And look at that tiny little asshole." He started to smack my ass and take the tip of his head and slid it in my little fuck oven. His cock had to be at least 9 inches and as much as I tried not to moan out I just could not help it.

I almost woke up mommy with my screams of passion as I looked back at the look on his face as he said "Mommy never lets me fuck her ass and never gets dirty with me." As I giggled I said "When I get through with you, you won't ever want to have sex with her again. It’s okay though you can have this barely legal pussy anytime you want. I’ll never say no to you." As I moaned out more and locked my ass around his dick. As I said that he looked at me and said "Oh you are going to make me cum for you." 

He decided he wanted to switch positions so he lifted me up on top of him with my back facing him.  He was really deep inside of me now hammering and pumping his cock and it felt sooooooo good. I started bouncing up and down on his dick and said "I want my thick and creamy treat now please! You know I’ll do anything to get my creamy candy prezzie." My lil tits were bouncing as he started to smack on my firm ass. I grinded moving in circles as he picked me all the way up then dropped me down hard on his fleshy pole. I couldn't help but scream out his name by now but that didn't even wake up mommy! He smiled and said "that bitch is passed out drunk I bet." My little hole was all his and his cock was all mine. I could tell he was ready to cum though cause i could feel him throbbing like his dick was about to explode!

He slid out of me as I crawled over to the edge of the bed to open up my dirty little mouth and take all of his thick hot cum. Saying "Give me your cum! I’m your jizz drinking slut! I want to taste that big fat thick dick." He looked down at me and said "Oh you are a dirty little whore aren’t you." I said "Yes I am and I’m YOUR kinky little whore too." He jacked his cock said "Drink it all down baby girl." And shot a big load deep down my throat as I gagged on it just a little but loving every last drop. I looked up at him and licked my lips and begged him for more. I love making my pussy cum for him.

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