Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Wanna Slide My Tight Pink Lips Around Your....

I want to slide my pink bald lips on your long hard cock. I want to come to your house when no one is there but you. I walk around dressed in those slutty little clothes that make your pery mind go insane. You have told me many times that girls like me are just asking for trouble. But I love the attention I just can’t help it. I’ve got the reputation of being a very slutty girl. And even if I do look sweet and innocent don't let that fool you one bit. I’ve fucked the captain of the football team in the gym, the sexy guys on the basketball team, the coach, my teachers and now I want you. I want to make your cock drip pre cum as I’m slowly sliding out of my sexy little skirt. I want to feel your hands grab me as I peel off my tiny little top. I want to wrap my soft little hand around your cock and stroke it as you press your lips against mine. I want to moan out “Please take this little pussy. It needs your big hard cock so bad.” When you think about how much I want to be your naughty girl your dick gets so hard it drips pre cum. You have stroked off so many times thinking about my sweet cunnie sliding down your big fat dick. But how are you going to have me all to yourself? How are you going to show me that older men know how to fuck a little teen phone sex slut like no one else can.

Are you married? Do you have a girl friend? Can I be your dirty little secret on the side? We can have a special meeting place where no one knows about. Maybe it’s in your guest house. Or maybe it’s in your office late at night. Or maybe you want to hire me as your “personal” intern so I can do all those things she won’t. I will give up my warm wet mouth, sweet barely legal pussy and tiny ass just for you. I want to make your dick feel so good that it aches to blow deep inside of my pussy walls. Maybe you have a secret role play phone sex fantasy of knocking me up. Do you want to be the first to plant your seed in my sweet young kitty? I want to sit on your lap and tease your dick while I’m dressed in my panties and little half top and grind in slow circles. I get so fucking wet every time I think about milking your cock. You know no one will drain your full balls like me. I’ll excite you so much and run my sweet cunnie lips up and down your shaft that you will be ready to ram that cock deep in my fuck walls. Go ahead and lift me up and drop these pink wet lips around the top of your mushroom head. Grab my hips and watch me bounce up and down as my little tits are right there for you to lick and kiss. You can suck them and bite them and feel my juices get wetter as they drip down your stiff pole. And if you like getting dirty go ahead and slide a finger in my tiny little ass and feel the way my pussy grabs on your dick even tighter. I’ll look into your eyes and smile as I beg you saying “Pleeeease Mr… plant your seed inside of me. I know you want to make me preggers.” As soon as you hear me say that you shove it in even deeper. I’ll grab a hold of that fat meaty cock and choke it so tight you blow every last drop of cum you have. And just when you think I’ve drained you dry I’ll squeeze a little tighter until you are completely milked….

MMMMM….. I just love being your favorite lil phone sex slut, and I know you do too. I’ll be the best little secret fuck doll you have ever had.

Kisses n Licks,

Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Bff's Daddy Always Takes What He Wants

Dear Diary,

There I laid whimpering as my best friends pervy daddy had me all to himself. I came over to visit my BFF but she was nowhere to be found. I should have known when he called me to come over that it was going to be a trick. But since he said she was on her way home for Christmas break from college I thought “Yay! It’s been a few months since I’ve seen her!” We stood there alone in her bedroom as he looked at me with this creepy expression on his face. He smiled and said “I guess you know now Nikki that Tabby is not coming home. And I have you exactly where I want you.” My body trembled as he made steps toward me. I looked up at him and said “I always knew you were a pervy but why me?” He said in his strong deep tone “You know exactly why Nikki. You go around wearing these cute little outfits showing off that fresh young skin and every time I think about you my dick gets rock hard. You walk around here flaunting off those perky breasts in those low cut tops and show off those pretty little panties every time you go to bend over. You knew exactly what you were doing to me didn’t you?” I tried to play dumb because my heart was racing. But the really scary part that I was thinking “am I getting turned on by the way he’s looking at me? Could my panties possibly be getting wet by the way his cock is bulging in his pants? Was I totally asking for what was about to happen even though I’m scared out of my mind?” 

There was nowhere to run to escape and as I tried to see how I was going to get out of there he smirked and said “Don’t even think about it Nikki I’ve got you cornered and you cant escape what’s about to happen.” He backed me into my best friends bed and pushed me down and out came his huge 9 inch cock stiff and ready. I looked up with my eyes starting to get teary as I said “I’m sorry for being so slutty acting around you. I was just having a little fun that’s all.” He said “Shut up Nikki that’s not all you were asking for this to happen!” He planted his big hand around his dick standing there above me stroking it and ripped my little panties off. He grabbed my little legs and spread them wide open pinning me down on the bed. And my tiny petite body quivered all over as he started rubbing the big mushroom head of his meaty dick against my pink swollen pussy lips. His deep voice said “A teen cunt like this needs to get stuffed and taken all the fucking time!” I looked up at him with my glass eyes saying “Please don’t hurt me. I’m sorry and I’ll be good from now on.” 

He said “No you wont because you are a fucking slutty cock tease! ” His dick head was sliding up and down my swollen pink slit. He had this hungry grin on his face like he was going to eat me alive. Then with one hard thrust he plunged his big fat pole in my bald tiny pussy. I tried not to scream but it hurt so bad! I moved my body trying to get away as I said “PLEEEEEEEEEASEEEEEE NOOOOOOO!” He laughed and said “You can yell all you want too you little fucking tease but no one will hear you! Why do you think I have a house out in the country! It’s because little sluts like you can’t be saved or heard!” His dick got harder the more that I cried and screamed out. He started to pump my tiny hole even harder. Then he said “Are you a virgin you little bitch? Because I haven’t felt a cunt this tight in a long time!” He grabbed my ankles and put them up on his chest and started to plow even deeper in me! He was rolling his hips into mine as his balls smacked against my little ass and said “If you are scared why is your pussy wet! Are you liking this Nikki?” I screamed out saying “No no NO I don’t!” He said “You lying slut you do like it! If you didn’t your fucking twat would not be dripping wet all over my dick!” Could he have been right though? Did I really like what he was doing to me?

I mean he was my best friends daddy. And he was the kinda man that I really get turned on for. And even though he was old enough to be my daddy and so rough how could I be getting turned on by that? Was his aggressiveness exciting me? And the fact that he was tall and very handsome making me want him to force himself on me? He said “answer me Nikki you want this don’t you!” I eased a smile across my face and said “What if I do like it? What if my little pussy is wet because I wanted to drive you to having your way with me?” My pussy started to grip and clinch his dick and choked it tight! I wrapped my legs around his waist as his mushroom head hit the back of my pussy walls. He was moving in and out thrusting and holding it deep inside of me. And all of the sudden as he had me pushed down into the bed he looked and said “I hope you are thirsty you little whore because I’m about to unload down your fucking throat!” He pulled his dick out and started jacking it above my mouth and I looked up at him and said “What are you waiting for? Go ahead and feed me your cum please.” I started licking and sucking his fat pole slurping my pretty lips up and down and gagging all over and he came like a fountain! He filled my throat up with all his batter as I lay there covered in his cum. He looked down and said “you are a lil pervy too aren’t you!” I giggled and said “Well maybe I could be. And maybe I love pervy’s like you…” 

Who knows what will happen next time! Will he rape my virgin ass? Was I just asking for even more trouble? And what if it were you? Would you be the one teaching me a lesson I never forget? I can’t wait to find out! 

Nikki ~ 1-888-662-6482

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Naughty Lil Home Wrecking Teen Slut

Have you ever had a teenage girl make you turn your head her way? Maybe you were out with your girl friend or wife shopping or at a mall and you see her dressed in something very hot and form fitting. And you see the way she's looking at you? Does she keep it discreet and play it sweet and innocent while she's flirting with you? That way your wife wont expect a thing or see whats coming next. Does she do it while your wife’s back is turned or does she like going that extra mile and be a bad girl and do it while your wife is looking? All you could think about is how hard she makes you and the only thing you want to do is go home and stroke your cock off fantasizing about her. Well I am that girl.

Have you ever thought about my tight barely legal phone sex body as you are fucking your wife? I know I have thought about you. I’ve thought about being that sweet and slutty girl who gives you exactly what you want. Are you the kinda man who likes a teen age slut who loves no taboo’s phone sex? The one who loves It when you cant help yourself and you just have to have a piece of me. What if I were to sit my little round bottom down on your lap? What if I flaunted my little body around you and brushed it against  you until all you would want to do is just give into temptation.

Just think about me being there with you right now as we are on the bed that you share with your wife. You look at me with your big hard cock out stroking it. I strip down to my pretty little panties and cami. You can see the outline of my hard nipples push through my top. I move closer to you as that finds it’s way off my body. You smile at me and say “Nikki wrap your baby girl soft hand around my throbbing hard cock. I stroke it and tease it. You slide your fingers between my sexy little legs and start to slide them across my bald pussy lips. Maybe you want me to kiss your cock. I’ll take a few licks and let you feel my wet mouth slide up and down as I slurp up and down. You are so hard by now especially when I start to deep throat it that one thing is on your mind. I look up at you with my mouth full of your dick and say “Will you please slide that long hard pole in my tiny teen cunnie lips?” You start dripping pre cum as you lift me up and toss me on your bed. I know you want to fuck me in your favorite position. Is your wife in the hallway listening or are do you have a fantasy of her sitting in the chair watching us. I look back at you feeling your cock slide in my wet little pussy as you pound me deeper and harder knowing how tighter it is compared to hers. The way it grips and squeezes around your dick.

And I bet your cock throbs at the thought of me knowing that my little cunt is much tighter than hers. You look at her and laugh. Do you want to tell her that she’s too boring when it comes to sex? Do you need a slut who will give up all of her holes to you? Well I am that girl.  She turns you off and everytime you are with her you think of my little pussy. I’m so wet right now thinking about your throbbing cock taking my holes. Do you want to hear how wet I am for you? I imagine you grabbing my hips with my little legs up in the air. Feeling my tight young cunt pull your cock so deep inside of me that you start to pound me right in front of her. She doesn't deserve a sexy hot man like you. And she really doesn't like the fact that you can still get a fresh young girl whenever you want.

Do you want me to drop back down to my knees and suck your dick until you blow down my throat? She would never beg you for that thick and creamy jizz but I will. Please bury your cock deep inside of me.  I’ll turn at her and say "This cock belongs to me now and you will never have it again." MMMM I will be your young, dirty dream cum true. I want to own all of your cum

Can I please be your naughty lil teen home wrecking slut today? I'll be your perfect little innocent sweetie pie, dirty little slut or whatever else makes your cock rock hard.



Monday, September 19, 2011

My Tiny Kitty Luvs To Wrap Around Your Secret Treat

He came into my room this morning and woke up his favorite girl up with a big hard present. I was very happy to see him as he climbed into my pretty bed and said "Surprise baby girl." I looked at him and smiled because I knew what was going to be happening next. But who was he? My mommies boy friend? Someone she was cheating around with behind daddies back? Maybe he was a secret fling? He could have been step daddy. Or could he have even been daddy!? She was still asleep in the room down the hall so we could not make a lot of noise. His big hard cock wasn’t the only prezzie I got. He had some jewelry, a new baby doll nighty and some new toys. I looked at him as I said "Oh I love my gifts but I love that big fat candy stick even more!" I reached over and gave him a very big hug. He always loves to bring me treats because he knows that I will always give him my sweet little treat.

I looked into his eyes and took his hand in mine and began to run it across my perky little breasts. He moaned out lightly as he took his finger tips and began running them across my puffy nipples. I could see that the bulge in his shorts was getting harder as he started to make his way down my little body. As I whispered out "I want to be your secret little fuck slut." His cock grew more when he heard me say that. He whispered back "It will have to be our own secret okay Nikki? We can’t tell your mommy cause if she finds out she will leave me."  I gave him a naughty smile and felt his hand start to crawl under my little nighty. He knows that I love to be his pleasing girl and do whatever it takes to him rock hard.

I know mommy never gives him what he wants. He looked at me as he stated to slide his fingers up and down my pink pussy lips and said "I need you to make me feel good right now." Then he started to run his fingers inside my tiny little hole. It was dripping wet and felt so good as he started to slowly slide his fingers inside of me. He could feel the way my tiny pussy lips gripped around it. His finger felt so good sliding in and out of me. And I could feel my kitty get wetter by the second.  I took my little hand as I reached over and pulled out his big fat dick.

Sliding it up and down as I began stroking it for him. His cock was so hard and throbbed so much he had pre cum leaking out. I laid back as he crawled up between my little legs and brought his big fat cock to my mouth. I looked up at him as he slid it in my hot wet mouth. His cock was so big and so hard and my pussy got so excited feeling him slide it in and out faster and harder. I looked up at him sucking it like a lolli just slurping all over it saying “MMMM it tastes so yummie. I love being your cock sucking slut.” He got so excited as he started to pump and fuck my mouth as his juices started dripping into the back of my throat he said "Oh yes suck this cock like a good little whore." His rod slid so far down my throat that I almost started to gag on it. But that wasn't the only hole he wanted to fuck.

He looked at me and said "I want to ram that tiny little ass of yours. He put me on all fours and took his hands and gripped my hips. His cock was standing straight out as he said "Oh look at that hot fuck box it’s dripping wet. And look at that tiny little asshole." He started to smack my ass and take the tip of his head and slid it in my little fuck oven. His cock had to be at least 9 inches and as much as I tried not to moan out I just could not help it.

I almost woke up mommy with my screams of passion as I looked back at the look on his face as he said "Mommy never lets me fuck her ass and never gets dirty with me." As I giggled I said "When I get through with you, you won't ever want to have sex with her again. It’s okay though you can have this barely legal pussy anytime you want. I’ll never say no to you." As I moaned out more and locked my ass around his dick. As I said that he looked at me and said "Oh you are going to make me cum for you." 

He decided he wanted to switch positions so he lifted me up on top of him with my back facing him.  He was really deep inside of me now hammering and pumping his cock and it felt sooooooo good. I started bouncing up and down on his dick and said "I want my thick and creamy treat now please! You know I’ll do anything to get my creamy candy prezzie." My lil tits were bouncing as he started to smack on my firm ass. I grinded moving in circles as he picked me all the way up then dropped me down hard on his fleshy pole. I couldn't help but scream out his name by now but that didn't even wake up mommy! He smiled and said "that bitch is passed out drunk I bet." My little hole was all his and his cock was all mine. I could tell he was ready to cum though cause i could feel him throbbing like his dick was about to explode!

He slid out of me as I crawled over to the edge of the bed to open up my dirty little mouth and take all of his thick hot cum. Saying "Give me your cum! I’m your jizz drinking slut! I want to taste that big fat thick dick." He looked down at me and said "Oh you are a dirty little whore aren’t you." I said "Yes I am and I’m YOUR kinky little whore too." He jacked his cock said "Drink it all down baby girl." And shot a big load deep down my throat as I gagged on it just a little but loving every last drop. I looked up at him and licked my lips and begged him for more. I love making my pussy cum for him.

Do you like dirty phone sex fantasies like him? Do you want to slide your big fat cock in my tiny puckered ass? I love being a taboo slut and taking it in all of my holes. And i'll do aaaaaaanything to make you cum hard...

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Babysitter Phone Sex

You knew I was a slutty girl when you hired me to watch your kids. Even though I look like i'm sweet and innocent that’s what drawed you to me to start. And it’s another reason why you called me for babysitter phone sex. You needed a girl who would give you what your wife wouldn’t. And you also needed a girl who she would never suspect of making you wanna cheat on. I couldn’t resist you either. When you interviewed me for the job you asked me if I could watch your kids after school. I smiled and said “yes I can. I can just do my homework here and then stay as late as you need me.  I always wondered right after I said that we got off the subject of your kids. But I could tell you had something very naughty in mind. You wanted to know how I felt about older married men and anything goes phone sex. I smiled and said "Mr. Jones older men really excite me and turn me on. They know how to please a girl like me and they are very experienced. And when it comes to pleasing you, I don't have any limit's to what i'll do. And i'm the kinda girl that will make you get a rise and stay that way for hours if you know what I mean."  

I know I was being a flirty tease. And by the reaction on his face I just had to tell you that my sweet little kitty just puuuuuured. Then you asked why. I said  "cause most married men don’t get satisfied and their wives are not giving them what they want.” Then I looked at him and said "Are you getting what you want Mr. Jones? Is your wife a complete and total slut for you?" You cleared your throat and then I said "because if shes not maybe one day I could show you exactly what kinda girl I am." You said “Ohhhhh sweetie I’m going to have to take you up on that." I love going after men that are taken. I love to use my body language and gestures to show how much of a bad girl I really am.

So tonight was going to be the time you would have me all to yourself. You walked in and saw me in this super short skirt and tight fitting top. I smiled at you and twirled my ponytail around my finger. You looked at me and said “Nikki thank you for watching my kids tonight.” I said “You are welcome Mr. Jones.. I have a favor to ask you.” See I didn't have a way home and it so late I don't wanna have to walk. You smiled as I lightly brushed my body against yours and said “I’d be more than happy to take you home.” You told your wife and out the door we went. 

After driving for just a little bit Mr. Jones took a detour. I could tell that he was ready to just rip my little clothes off. And me being slutty around him didn’t help things either. I always liked to reveal my little body to him in those super short skirt and low cut tops. I always made sure to bend over directly in front of him and wiggle my tiny little ass his way. I knew how much he loved anal phone sex. He told me that his wife only let him slide his dick in her hole a few times a week. I looked at him and said “If I was yours you could fuck my little ripe teen ass as much as you like.” As soon as I said that he parked his car and started to touch me all over.

He said “all I do is think about you Nikki.” He pulled me into him closer and took his hand and started to run them between my creamy little thighs. He brushed his lips against mine and said “No you don’t understand baby girl every time I fuck my wife I imagine it’s your bald little pussy I’m in.” I started to play with my pig tails and said “MMMM but Mr. Jones My little pussy is much tighter than hers. And I bet it gets even wetter for your big fat cock.” He wrapped his arms around me and lifted up my little top and skirt saying “ MMMM look at the way those panties are clinging to your bald pussy lips. You can see how smooth they are right through the material." He gave me an intense look and said "As bad as I wanna slide my dick in that smooth kitty of yours I need to fuck your tiny puckered asshole right now.” I giggled and said “And I need to be your slut right now too.” 

He moved my little panties to the side and pulled me on top of him. I felt him take his dick head and start to push it in. My tiny hole felt like it was being forced open. He started to moan out and so did i. I said “Mr. Jones it’s so big!!” I moaned out even louder as he took my puffy nipples in his mouth and plunged his cock even deeper in me. He said “Are you going to be a good little slut for me and take all my cock in you?” I said “yes I’ll be a good little slut I promise just please fuck me harder.” He thrusts in and out as I started to bounce faster and faster. He got even louder as my tiny ass cheeks gripped and got even tighter! I tried not to cry out but I’ve never felt a cock so huge plunge into me before.

He looked at me as his tongue went back and forth from nipple to nipple and my bald pussy lips getting wetter by the second and he said “Nikki you must really like my fucking cock in your slutty ass because your little cunts juices are dripping down my dick. And you know what sweet girl? I have some candy for you. You like candy don’t you baby?” He started fingering my barely legal phonesex pussy lips and said “it’s the thick and gooey kind too.” I moved in circles grinding up and down and said “That’s my favorite kind Mr. Jones!” Then I said “If I promise to always be a good little slut for me will you bring me here to our special secret spot and fuck my other little holes too? “ Then I gripped even tighter and he said ”Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Yes Nikki! I promise your sweet little cunny will be the next hole my dick slides in.”  

Then Mr. Jones grabbed my little hips and started pushing deep in my tiny ass not moving. It felt like he was trying to break my tiny wall through! He pulled my little petite body into his and gave me the thickest and most creamy cum I’ve ever had!
He looked at me and slowly pulled me off his cock and fixed my panties. On the way to my house he said “Nikki when I’m jerking off my cock it will be your sweet pussy I’m fantasizing about.

I just can’t get enough of being his slutty girl. Can I be yours too? Are you ready to have some very naughty babysitter phone sex fun with this teen cum slut today?

Monday, August 8, 2011

School Girl Phone Sex

Dear Diary,
He called me and said "I need to fuck your tight teen school girl phone sex pussy Nikki. You know classes are about to start and when you come into campus to register I want to pull you in my office and make you my slut. I have a big fat dick and its throbbing to slide in all of your tiny holes." And he knew I would never say no to him so I went to his house when his wife was away and he slid my top off and exposed my firm teen tits and said "Look at those they look so fucking good baby. Those nipples just look so suckable." I could not hear any of that because all I wanted him to do was push me down on the floor and take his big fat dick out and slide it in my mouth. I wanted to feel my lips sliding up and down his cock taking it in deeper and deeper. I wanted to slurp all over it as he made me beg him to gag all over it and treat me just like a slut.
I licked his cock like a candy stick. And I couldn’t forget about those cummy cream filled balls either. He told me that he craved a dirty phone sex slut and he wanted all of my time and now was perfect because we had the house to ourselves for hours. I knew that I could give him exactly what he wanted. He was so rough with me. After sucking and licking on his balls he pulled me up and threw me on the bed and told me to get on all fours. He said "Do you like it in your tiny little cunt and ass you cock tease?" I said "I like it in both. Please stuff my bald pussy lips and my tiny ass with your dick." I could see him stroking standing behind me with my tight ass up in the air. He didn't know which one he wanted first but my pink little twat was so ready and glistening just calling out to get filled.
He went for that first. He grabbed my hips and started to push his mushroom head in my itty bitty lips.  He didn’t know if he wanted to give me inch by inch nice and slow or if he wanted to just ram that massive dick in me. His cock was so big as it stretched me open. I moaned out loudly calling his name and begging him not to stop. I looked back at him saying"Take this school girl pussy baby your cock feels so good inside of me."
I started to squeeze and grip my sweet pussy around his shaft. All I could think about is being his co ed phone sex slut. I moaned out again as my hot dripping wet walls started choking his dick. I grinded my ass back onto him and looking into his eyes saying "This is your sweet kitty. I know my pussy feels better then your wifes doesn't it?" Grabbing it tigher and pulling him even deeper inside of me. Then saying "You just wait until you fuck my tight ass and let me show you how much of a dirty little slut I am. He looked at me and said “Oh fuck Nikki I wont ever want to fuck my wife again!”  Right after he said that he slid out of my pussy lips and took his cock head and started to push it in my tiny little ass. He really had to force it in because it was just so tight. He could feel my muscles pushing on his cock out as he just rammed himself even further inside of me. It was like he couldn’t stop himself. I had been so flirty with him in the past it felt like he had this craving for forced phone sex.  He said "Take my cock you whore! You have teased my dick so much with those slutty little outfits you wear. And the way you sit on my lap and grind that little ass when my wife is away. I’m taking what I want right now!" With my ass trembling all over his shaft I said "It's too big i've never felt a cock so big stretch my ass open like yours." Then he said "But you like it don't you?" I said "Yes I can't get enough of your big fat 9 inches taking me."
 Pushing me into the bed as he was nailing my tiny hole he said "You slut i'm going to pour my hot cum down your throat now!" Pulling me back off of the bed and throwing me on my knees he said "Open your mouth up wide and drink it down slut." I said "I'll drink all your fucking jizz down you just give it all to me and don't leave any behind." I was going to show him how much of a cum loving slut I was for him. He held my head back and jerked over me and my tongue and  started to shoot all of his jizz in. I drank all of his cum. With him saying "Oh Nikki you are one hot school girl phone sex hottie. I can't wait to come by again when my wife is out."  
I smiled at him and said “I expect many days after school behind your desk with my little skirt up and panties down doing whatever it takes to earn my *A*.
Can I be your slutty student today? School will be stating up sooner than you think and I just know I’ll be slipping my courses so you can call me and discuss what I need to do to get your big fat cock off…